Friday, July 24, 2009

7 days to go

In Guatemala, as in other regions such as Cuiudad Juarez, Mexico, and South Africa, women have been targeted simply for being women. This pattern of violence is called femicide to differentiate it from other homicide cases. Femicide is defined as the murder of a woman because of her gender. Femicide is often carried out with shocking brutality; many victims show signs of torture and mutilation. The Guatemalan government, by omission, is complicit in the terror.

What can we expect? How can we as a team of Americans be helpful? Much remains to be seen. Perhaps we will come to a deeper understanding of the word solidarity which is defined as the union of interests or purposes or sympathies among members of a group.


  1. I am feeling such a flurry of mixed emotions! Mostly excitement at being able to share this experience with women that I admire! See you soon! Great job on the blog Janett! I started a more informal one for my family and friends check it out at abbydini@blogspot

    See you Friday at the airport :)

  2. Hi Janett,

    Thanks for stopping my blog. I am Mirah Riben of I will see you Saturday!
    Wonder if you will be at the health care rally in DC on Thursday (because of your credentials).

  3. I am attending this delegation as a human rights advocate with a specific focus on the role of mothers and mothering.

    Many are not aware that international adoption often unknowingly supports child trafficking.

    I, thus, hope that you will encourage everyone you know to support three Guatemala women whose children have allegedly been kidnapped by baby brokers and adoption into the US.

    Please see how you can help: