Friday, August 7, 2009

Back in Guatemala City---Our Last Night

We're back at Sister Parish after an exhilarating and exhausting journey to Chimaltenango, Xela, Zunil, Solola, Antigua...and had our visit with the US Embassy. We've met incredibly brave, resourceful, and resilient women throughout Guatemala. Some of the wonderful projects we've visited include:

  • Nuevos Horizontes domestic violence services in Xela

  • Presbyterian Kachikel Health Clinic in Chimaltenango

  • Project CODECOT midwives project in Xela

  • Midwives project in Concepcion Chiquirichapa

  • Highlands Support Project sponsored women's micro-enterprise project in the small Mayan Mam village of Espunpuja

  • Small community radio station serving 10,000 villagers in Solala

We concluded today with our visit to the US Embassy and a visit to the Guatemalan Govt. sponsored Defensoria de las Mujeres. Our visit to the Embassy was a stark contrast to the other meetings we've had. I'll leave it to my fellow bloggers to share some of the details.

Our emotions have bounced around throughout our journey. We have been inspired by creative and resourceful Guatemalan professionals and advocates doing their best to improve the situation, outraged by the impunity, hopeful for the future, discouraged by the minimal response of our government, disgusted by the level of violence, and delighted to get to know so many wonderful indigenous and Ladino Guatemalans who make us feel humbled and respectful. Now, at last, we are determined to help create change for the many, many families affected by violence in Guatemala. We have put together an action plan and hope that all of you reading the blog in the US will be our allies to help us implement it once we get home.

Much more to come....

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