Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Prayers and Poems

Off today to 'Xela' to meet with sex workers and then a chance tonight to relax in some thermal springs. We may not have internet access for a few days

We are doing a group reflection each morning and this morning a poem was read to us from a Guatemalan activist Julia Esquivel and then a question was posed to us to ponder:

Hearing the stories of other women can change and complicate our lives, confess what moved you to come to Central America deep within yourself....

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  1. Plenty of internet places in Xela if that´s your concern. My favorite was near Parque Bolivar, maybe 10 mins walk from Parque Central, on the north side of Diagonal 2, right before P. Bolivar. But there´s a metric ton of em.
    Enjoy Fuentes Georginas. It´s hot. Really. Hot.