Sunday, August 2, 2009

Workers Rights in Guatemala

Early afternoon we met with 5 women from STITCH a group that unites Central American and US women workers to exchange strategies on how to fight for economic justice in the workplace. They share of their history and struggle to be heard, to improve work safety and conditions for women and to correct wrongs seeking labor benefits for women working in many areas of the country.
Sexual abuse/ assault and harassment are often used as the response to speaking up. But together the women have a sense of unity, of working together against discrimination, low wages and dangerous working conditions.

CONSIDER THIS the next time we enjoy a Dole banana that we pay 25 to 45 cents a pound for- the women on the banana plantations in Guatemala must pack 45 boxes of bananas an hour, they work 9 hour days and are paid about 100 Quetzals. So in one days work they will have packed close to 400 boxes of bananas and earned a mere $12.28 a day. And the company is pressuring them to produce more so they can maintain their profits. Posted by Janett Forte

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